If I were a Godzilla-monster, I would only eat bookstores

You’d think that would severely limit my diet, and I suppose it would.  On the other hand, bookstores would certainly provide hearty meals.  It wouldn’t take many to satisfy.  Plus, I could always snack on newsstands if I got to feeling peckish.  Maybe bookworms in a pinch.  Only in a pinch, though – consuming words secondhand just isn’t the same.

Hi.  I’m in the habit of reading.  A lot.  That’s what lectitare means: to be in the habit of reading, or to read repeatedly.  There are a lot of book blogs out there, and to be honest, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to start another.  It seemed unoriginal.  On the other hand, I really like books.  I have a lot to say about them, and other people who really like books seem to find my thoughts worthwhile.  So I’m giving it a shot.  I’d like to do a mix of things here – post about individual books, sure, but also about larger issues related to books, like what makes a book good versus popular and how that changes over time.  I’ll probably wind up dipping into social justice issues often because that’s something else that interests me.  I might do conversations with friends about books or discussions about some of the many independent bookstores in New York.  It’s going to be a book variety hour here, folks.

I don’t know how often I’ll post; I do know that keeping up a regular posting schedule is a lot harder than it sounds.  Right now I’m aiming for about once a week.  In the meantime, lectitate!  (Go read!)