If I were a godzilla-monster, I would track by scent

Years ago, I discovered something strange: the smell of cardboard makes me happy.

I was working at breaking down close to a hundred large cardboard boxes in a relatively small room, and after a while the smell filled the whole space.  I kept feeling happier, and I had no idea why.  Before that, I hadn’t even consciously known that cardboard had a distinct scent.  And then I realized: it smells like old books.  Walk into a used book store, and what you smell will be almost exactly like concentrated cardboard.  

That’s right, folks.  I have walked into bookstores so many times, and been so consistently happy about it, that I have a Pavlovian response to the scent of cardboard.  Of course, this does mean that when nuclear radiation inevitably turns me into a giant bookstore-eating godzilla monster, defeating me will be fairly simple.  All the military will need to do is set a trap and bait it with massive quantities of cardboard.


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